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The Arctic Monkeys
Coming from Sheffield it was hard not to listen to the Arctic Monkeys. From their Sheffield roots to worldwide fame, the arctic monkeys comprised of Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Matt Helders, and Nick Omalley have achieved so much in two decades that it’s hard to keep track of. Now their seventh studio album is out and they are headlining Glastonbury there’s no better time to have a little recap.

The group was made in 2002 in Sheffield when Alex and Matt who were neighbors and friends teamed up with their mate Andy to form the band. Jamie would also join before their first gig in 2003 and soon followed the recordings of demo tracks. (Andy would leave the band in 2006.)
The Arctic Monkeys gained a name whilst handing out CDs and holding gigs, they gained popularity through Myspace. The band is known as one of the first to gain a serious following through social media. Due to the rise of popularity, they released their debut EP, five minutes with arctic monkeys. The popularity also led to them getting an unusually large crowd at Leeds Fest/reeding fest on a stage reserved for small and unsigned artists.

In the 2006 year, Nick O’Malley joined the band and they released their first debut album “Whatever people say I Am, That’s What I’m Not”. This included, “I bet you look good on the dance floor”, their first official song released the year prior but flew straight to the number-one spot in the UK singles chart. The album was a classic upon release and is still regarded as one of their best albums by many. 
From then they flew by releasing 6 more studio albums: 'Favourite Worst Nightmare' (2007), 'Humbug' (2009), 'Suck It And See' (2011), 'AM' (2013), 'Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino (2018), and 'The Car' (2022). All these gained massive support from fans on release. The five-year gap between AM and Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino left people excited about the album and most were surprised by the band’s new sound. With Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino, the band appeared to be jazzier instead in their indie, rock, and roll past. This new sound was a hit as Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino became the Monkeys 6th consecutive Uk number one album. Fans from all over the world also loved the release of the car, the arctic monkeys are still touring the album and selling out. 

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